Monday, 16 January 2012

Current Web2.0 Blog List - 60 Websites nofollow nofollow

If you know of any web2.0 blogs or website builders that are good PR, high volume of pages indexed in Google and friendly to professional SEOs, please comment and I'll update the list. Thanks!

List of Proxy Sites Which Hides Your IP address

1. Allanonymity

2.Hide My Ass






Ping Your Blogger Blog

What is pinging?

Pinging is when a blog notifies a server that the content of the site has been updated. Every time you make a new post and publish it. Just go to the below list and do something there. So spiders can go to your site and crawl your content.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get 3200++ Free Backlinks Instantly

With this following list you can get a free backlinks with a push of button. If you talk about a quality, remember as part of your natural link building profile, google expect to see a mix of low qualitty and high quality that linking to your site.

Use these on all of your site, at pace of one of them per week. Means, you use all 4 of them per month. With this tricks, the way link velocity remains constants and google sees unending flow of new links to your site often.

Backlinks 1

Backlinks 2

Backlinks 3

Backlinks 4